Register as MAFM Volunteer

In MAFM we have formed various sub-committees to implement initiatives related to various Key Focus Areas. Since practically all the Committee Members are fully engaged either in their employment or business, allocating sufficient time and effort to implement the planned initiatives has always been an issue. As such, we would like to have volunteers amongst FM Practitioners to join us in our sub-committees to assist implement the planned initiatives. Acting as volunteers for MAFM will enhance your CV and will also provide us an opportunity to discover new talents to be elected as Committee Members in future.

The Key Focus Areas where we have sub-committees working on our initiatives are in the table below. To register as a volunteer, please complete the Google Form provided in this link: Register as MAFM Volunteer We will go through your request and will revert to inform you of our decision.


Key Focus Areas

Led By

Committee Members


Engagement with Stakeholders

Dato’ Sri Zohari

En Shah, Dr. Rozaimi,


Training & Development

Dr. Sarajul

Dr. Sahar, Ts Masnizan, Amir Farid, Sharifah, Farihan


Membership Drive

Tun Masri

Nurshuhaila, Fuad, Zainuddin, Mahput, Dr. Naim



Dr. Sahar

Dr. Sarajul, Pavithran, Ts. Mazhar,


FM Benchmarking

Dr. Rizal

Tamilwanan, Tun Masri, Nurshuhaila, Santirganesh


FM Book of Knowledge

Dr. Naim

Sharifah, Dr. Sahar, Ts. Mazhar


FM Standards

Ts. Mazhar

Sha’rainon, Dr Rizal


MAFM Brand Awareness (Big Events)

Ts. Mazhar

Santiraganesh, Zainuddin, Ts Masnizan, Fuad, Dr. Rozaimi, Amir Farid