New Application

Thank you for considering to become a MAFM Member. To submit your application, please follow the instructions below:-

1. Choose the membership category that you would like to apply for based on the description given in the Membership Categories Page.

2. Submit your application by clicking the following links:-
3. Clicking the link will lead you to a Google Form. Fill in the particulars correctly and attached the required supporting documents.

4. MAFM’s Membership Committee will decide on your application.

5. MAFM’s Secretariat will email and inform you on the status of your application.

6. For applications that are approved, the Secretariat’s email will provide you with MAFM’s bank details for you to make your admission payment.

7. Once you have made the payment, please email the Secretariat with the proof of payment attached.

8. The Secretariat will issue an official receipt and the Membership Certificate.

9. For any further enquiry, please use the Enquiry Form Page.