The initiation of MAFM has its roots to an international Seminar on facilities management (FM) entitled “FM-KL-2001: Where are we heading?” The Seminar was held in May 2001 and was organized by a team of FM practitioners who at the time were pursuing their post-graduate studies in FM with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. The inspiration to organize this Seminar was to create a forum for FM practitioners in the local and international arena who are passionate about their profession to network with each other.

Being a first of its kind, the enthusiasm amongst the delegates throughout the Seminar was evident. In fact, at the conclusion of the Seminar, the delegates unanimously resolved to create a platform for all FM practitioners to regularly meet up, share information and latest best practices in the industry.

Pursuant to the resolution of this Seminar, the Chairperson of the FM-KL-2001 Seminar, Professor Dr. Hjh Maziah Ismail called for a meeting in Jan 2003 amongst FM Practitioners and academicians with a view to form an association for FM practitioners. A protem Committee was formed to draft the constitution and to work towards formally registering the Association.

After two years of diligently pursuing this, the Malaysian Association of Facilities Managers was officially registered on 27 Jan 2005 with its registered office at Kolej Universiti Teknologi Tun Hussein Onn, Batu Pahat, Johor.
The main objective of the Association then was to:-

Laying the foundation

Since the inception, there was however very low awareness of MAFM and the facility management industry at that time.

ln 2009, due to strong support from the industry players and as advised by the  Registrar of Society (ROS), MAFM was then revived during the year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). Led by Y.Bhg. Tan Sri Dato’ Ir. Jamilus Hussein as the elected President, MAFM was then driven by a good mix of academician and industry players. The new leadership had a quick review done on the current status of the Association and having taken into consideration feedback from the industry stakeholders, decided to make a few strategic changes as follows:-

In line with the change in the strategic directions, efforts were immediately taken to amend the Constitution for onward submission to the Registrar of Societies for approval. The revised Constitution was duly approved on 5th Feb 2010.

The amended Constitution reflected the revised objectives of MAFM as follows:-
With the amended Constitution in place, MAFM gradually started laying the foundation to strengthen the FM industry. The outcome of MAFM’s efforts is depicted in the chronology below:-
2009MAFM’s active involvement in National Asset and Facilities Management (NAFAM) 2009 Conference which contributed to formulation of certain FM related policies
2010Presented first international FM paper at Universitas Bung Hatta, Padang, Indonesia
2011Published Asset and Facilities Management Handbook
2012Assisted MATRADE in Saudi FM Expo
2013Appointed as Committee Member in the development of ISO standards for FM by Department of Standards Malaysia
2014Organized first Facilities Management Asia Conference 2014
2015Developed FM Roadmap 2015 – 2023
Year Events/Deliverables
2016 Organized second Facilities Management Asia Conference 2016
2016 Appointed as Chairman of TC267 / Facilities Management ISO 41000 standard development by Department of Standards Malaysia
2017 Appointed as advisor to CIDB for the formulation of new registration codes for FM contractors which came into effect in 2017
2018 Active member of the NAFAM 2018 Convention
2019 Development of Facilities Management Manager and Facilities Management Executive Accreditation Training Module in collaboration with CIDB
2020 Organizing the Asset and Facilities Management Conference virtually in collaboration with MAPMA
2021 Launch of Facilities Management Masters Programme in collaboration with UTMSPACE with the first cohort graduating in 2022
2022 Organizing the 3rd Facilities Management Asia Conference in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
2023 Forum held in conjuction with World FM Day
2023 Collaborated with CIDB to develop their FM Strategic Plan

Holistic Enhancements to the FM Industry

With the strong foundation laid since 2009, there was a change in leadership in MAFM in 2019 when Dato’ Sri Zohari Hj Akob, the former Secretary General of Works Ministry took the helm of MAFM from Tan Sri Jamilus. Under Dato’ Sri Zohari’s stewardship, MAFM is taking further strides in bringing about holistic enhancements to the FM Industry taking into consideration the following external factors:-

Taking into consideration the above factors, the current leadership on MAFM is embarking on making holistic enhancements to the FM Industry via the following strategies: –