FM Industry Roadmap

The Facilities Management Industry Roadmap

MAFM has undeniably been the organisation that has been very instrumental for the development of the Facilities Management industry in Malaysia. MAFM has been the reference point for various Government Ministries, Departments and agencies such as the Ministry of Works, Ministry of Finance, the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) and Public Works Department, as well as the Institutions of Higher Learning. Going forward, MAFM will maintain it’s role not only as the focal point of reference for the Malaysian FM industry, but also as the organization that produces and disseminate knowledge and experiences to the industry players.

The Roadmap

As launched on the 5th June 2015, the FM Industry Roadmap was aimed to guide not only the existing Committee Members, but also all members and the industry stakeholders at large to work together in promoting knowledge and best practices in FM with a view to be exported abroad. Some organisations such as CIDB and Institutions of Higher Learnings have used this Roadmap for their references. The Roadmap is basically based on two overarching strategic goals:

The illustration is as below:

Industry Strength

  • Collaboration & Engagement
  • Awareness & Recognition
  • Professionalism
  • Strategic goal


    Knowledge Practice

  • Research & Development Benchmarking
  • Training
  • Strategic goal


    The above goals shall be achieved by focusing on two Key Result Areas i.e. Industry Strength and Knowledge and Best Practices. On One hand, MAFM realises that the FM Industry can be strengthen by means of collaboration and engagement with relevant stakeholders, promoting the right awareness, understanding and recognition for the profession, and promoting professionalism among practitioners. On the other hand, the Knowledge and Best Practices of FM can be promoted through research and development, benchmarking and training. There are however quite a lot of work to be done under each area as shown in the framework below:

    Industry Strength

    Collaboration & Engagement

    Within members
    Associations with same interest
    Academic institutions
    Authorities & Government agencies
    Regular sharing & networking sessions

    Awareness & Recognition

    Educate economics impacts of FM industry
    Mainstream media program
    Regular school campaign
    FM credentials as qualification critiria (tender, job market etc.)
    FM at design stage
    FMP as CCC signatories


    Educate economics impacts of FM industry
    Mainstream media program
    Regular school campaign
    FM credentials as qualification critiria (tender, job market etc.)
    FM at design stage
    FMP as CCC signatories

    Knowledge & Best Practice

    Research Development

    Market database (size, skateholder, GDP)
    Industry segmentation (building type, scope)
    FM Body Of Knowledge
    FM competency directory


    Market (price, scope)
    Performance (buildings, contractors, clients, suppliers, brand names)
    Web-based industry information repository

    Knowledge Development & Training

    FM Manual
    MAFM Training Modules
    CPD points for FM trainings (e.g. CIDB, BEM, PAM)
    Export training abroad
    FM topics at entry level education

    With the above framework, MAFM has established Key Portfolios that shall be supported by the Committee Members and its appointed special committee amongst all members. These portfolios are Collaboration & Engagement, Capacity Building, R&D and Benchmarking, Recognition & Professionalism, and Event Management & Awareness. All these functions require the commitment from all members. The allocation of scopes is as below:

    Implementation Strategy

    It is important that the implementation plan to be realistic. Therefore, the implementation has been divided into three i.e. by MAFM’s internal resources (members), collaboration with relevant stakeholders and influencing the authorities. This implementation strategy is illustrated and described below:


    Internal effort


    Collaborate with others


    Influencing others

    Strategy Description Time Remarks
    Internal Can be achieved internally by MAFM members 2 years End 2016
    Collaborate Can be achieved by collaborating with third parties 5 years End 2020
    Influence Can only be done by external parties (Government/authorities) – MAFM’s role is only to influence relevant parties 10 years End 2025

    Other terms and conditions as stipulated in MAFM’s Constitution and the online membership application requirements apply.