In May 2001, an international seminar on facilities management (FM-KL-2001) was successfully organized by a team of FM practitioners in Malaysia who were pursuing their post-graduate studies in Facility Management (FM) with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. FM-KL-2001, the event, was organized with the aspiration to be the first Malaysia’s assembly point for FM practitioners to rub shoulders and meet up with the people that are passionate about the FM industry in the local and international arena.

With the event catchy tagline – FM-KL-2001 – Where are we heading? All of the participants have agreed on one major agenda – To have an avenue and platform for the FM practitioners to meet up, discuss and share full spectrum of information on the dynamic of FM industry.

Pursuant to that, in January 2003, Professor Dr Hjh Maziah Ismail, the head of FM-KL-2001 event, has taken the initiative to call for a meeting with a number of FM practitioners and the committee of FM-KL-2001 to establish a society that will act as a platform and catalyst for FM industry in Malaysia. Thus, Malaysian Association of Facilities Managers was then formed in 2005 with it’s major agendas to bridge the FM academicians with the FM practitioners on knowledge sharing podium via strengthening all aspects of FM, spearheads FM related activities and to establish MAFM as a valid and legal society in Malaysia. There was however very low awareness of MAFM and the Facility Management industry at that time.

ln 2009, due to strong support from the industry players and advice by the  Registrar of Society (ROS), MAFM was then ‘revived’ during the year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). Led by Y.Bhg. Tan Sri Dato’ Ir. Jamilus Hussein as the elected President, MAFM was then driven by a good mix of academician and industry player. Concurrently, the committee has introduced new association’s goals and expanded the membership coverage to provide opportunity for broader participation from various FM stakeholders, while the registered address to be moved from Batu Pahat to be in Kuala Lumpur for ease administration matters. The objectives of MAFM has been agreed as follows:

  1. To strengthen the Facility Management in Malaysia;
  2. To promote sharing of knowledge and best practices in the Facility Management field; and
  3. To assist in the national economic development.

The Committee elected during the AGM 2009 also proposed the amendment of the Constitution. Among the major changes to the constitution are:

  1. To change the existing association name (Malaysian Association of Facilities Managers) to “Malaysian Association of Facility Management” in order to reflect broad application of the association objectives.
  2. To review the objectives and constitution of MAFM while comparing it with other or-ganisation to ensure no major conflict or duplications.
  3. To extend the duration of service for the Committee Members from one year to two years to ensure adequate time to revise and implement the agreed programs for the benefit of the industry.
  4. To change the registered address from Batu Pahat, Johor to Kuala Lumpur to facilitate administration matters with the ROS, where most of the members are based.

The amendment that was submitted to ROS on the 5th February 2010 has been approved without major problems.